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Nominees for 2023 SCGS Board of Directors

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Below are statements from the candidates who have submitted bios, in A-Z order:

Allene Collins-Aubertin, Jan Dougall, Adrian Foushee, Melanie Gnad, Jean Wilcon Hibbin, Rocco J. Hindman, Katrina Lacerna, Linda Mustion, Brittany Rex, Jim Schultz, Kevin Williams

Allene Collins-Aubertin
Although I started researching my family in the middle 1970's, I seriously began in the year 2000. Finding all sorts of family facts on-line on the early genealogy websites such as Rootsweb, just wasn't enough. In 2002, I began a trek around the country, interviewing family members in person. As time went on, I began attending meetings in Huntington Beach where I joined OCCGS. This is where I heard about SCGS's Jamboree, then I heard about their German Interest Group, which I joined. Following the passing of the then facilitator, I was asked to take over the group, and I accepted. Now, totally hooked, genealogy was in my blood. Local friends and those up and down the state began asking for my help in researching their ancestral families. Other genealogy groups were asking me to give presentations on numerous subjects and members of those groups asked for my help in researching their families. After 4 years as facilitator of the German Group, I retired so I could focus on my research, those of others as well as my writing and travels. Three years later, I was asked to return as facilitator of the German Group. I accepted! Now, I am running for the board and asking for your vote.

Jan Dougall
Jan Dougall started researching genealogy in 2015 by taking classes at the Family History Center in Santa Monica. Armed with a family history authored by the husband of her mother's second cousin once removed, Jan took classes and got help in gathering the evidence to show descent from Mayflower passenger Mary Chilton. Since 2018, Jan's served as Recording Secretary, Colony Membership Chair and as a member of the Engagement Committee with the Los Angeles Colony of the Mayflower Society of California. In 2017, Jan joined the British Isles Family History Society-USA and served as Recording Secretary for three years until the group voted to dissolve and join SCGS, where she joined Alice Fairhurst as co-lead of the British Isles Interest Group. Her personal research interests revolve around her American roots back to colonial times and her 1850s Scottish immigrant roots. She'd also like, at some point, to improve upon her utterly abysmal understanding of genetic genealogy.

Adrian Foushee
A resident of Pasadena, Adrian was born and reared in Washington, D.C. He holds a BS in Anthropology from James Madison University, VA and an MBA in Accounting and Finance from La Verne University, CA. In 2012, when the itch finally could not be ignored, Adrian began his genealogical journey. Within four years he went from a set of ancestor's names to not only dates and places, but family and local stories and histories, and through DNA, new relatives. He is the administrator of a family DNA project, the Foushee Ancestry Project. Adrian is a member of several genealogical societies in Southern California, North and South Carolina and the National Genealogical Society.

Melanie Seiflein Gnad
Melanie was raised on the east coast, received a BA in history from Pace College (now Pace University) in downtown New York City, found work first in retail, then the legal side of qualified retirement plans. After stops in Boston and Dallas, she ended up in Southern California where she got involved in the mystery and history of genealogy, making sense out of the myriad dates and places that impacted our ancestors and giving order to the chaos of her own family research! Joining the Southern California Genealogical Society was a super boost to her finds, especially through the German and Italian interest groups sponsored there. She has contributed presentations to both groups over the years and enjoys helping on various administrative projects for the Society as well.

Jean Wilcox Hibben
Jean Wilcox Hibben; PhD, MA, former Southern California college speech professor (MA - Speech Communication; PhD - Folklore), musician, and folklorist, is a national speaker and author who, with the disbanded Genealogy Journeys®, hosted social history podcasts from 2015 to 2021. She is former director of the Corona, California Family History Center (2012-2015); background researcher for two genealogy television programs (2013 & 2015); and genealogy instructor for the TANF program of the Soboba band of Mission Indians (2010). A former Board-Certified genealogist with over 40 years of genealogy research experience, Jean has served on the APG board and is past president of its Southern California Chapter. Currently, Jean is president and webmaster of the Corona Genealogical Society and author of a Q/A column for the Jefferson County NY Genealogical Society's quarterly publication, The Informer. A native of the Chicago suburbs, and prior to her academic involvement, Jean worked in business settings, handling a variety of tasks, most involving organization (of people, documents, and events). Her varied background has made her a choice candidate for programs in different arenas. Her memberships include the DAR, NGS, SCGS, and Sacramento German Genealogical Society. Jean's philosophy: "Who we are is a compilation of our experiences and associations, as well as our biological connections. When we understand our ancestors, we can better understand ourselves." This connects to her mission statement: "My goal is to assist others in their efforts to connect generations (past to present), completing the family circle." Her website:

Rocco Joseph Hindman
Having relocated to Southern California from the Midwest, Rocco sought to stay connected with his family by starting his first family tree in 1999 with the purchase of software advertising a free 90-day trial subscription to the still-emerging In those three months, he caught the genealogy bug when he discovered that some of his Ohio ancestors had been pioneers in the Northwest Territory prior to statehood. In more than two decades since then, besides growing his and many other trees, Rocco has served as a researcher and volunteer search angel for adoptees, orphans, and their children seeking information about their biological families. In 2019, he completed Boston University's Certificate in Genealogical Research Program. In addition to the SCGS, he is a member of the National Genealogical Society, the Ohio Genealogical Society, and the Western Pennsylvania Genealogical Society. His areas of special interest include Italian, Lebanese, and Midwestern/Mid-Atlantic US research, and he currently serves as the facilitator for the Society's Italian Interest Group. When he is not scouring historical documents, databases, or DNA matches, Rocco is busy operating a talent agency for producers, cinematographers, designers, and editors in the film & television industry.

Katrina Lacerna
Katrina Lacerna is the Asian Pacific Resource Center Librarian for LA County Library, a position she has held since 2018. She started with LA County Library in 2015 as the Government Documents Librarian at Norwalk Library. Katrina received a Masters in Library and Information Science from San Jose State University and a Bachelors in Asian American Studies from California State University Fullerton. She is a New Jersey native and the daughter of immigrants from the Philippines. Both experiences indelibly shaped who she is, and how she pronounces her vowels.

Linda Mustion
Linda Mustion has been involved with genealogy since 1983; wanting to learn more about her father's side of the family. Linda is also a Military Researcher, Historian and Biographer for Burbank and Glendale's war dead. In 2011, Linda was named the 2011 Patriot of the Year by the Glendale Chamber of Commerce. Currently, she is a member of the San Fernando Valley Chapter, NSDAR and a Find-A Grave Photo Volunteer and a Vietnam Traveling Wall Docent. Linda has been an SCGS Librarian and is currently a fill-in Librarian and the SCGS Historian and on the SCGS board. She has also volunteered at Jamboree in the Tech Zone. She currently serves as the Board Representative to the SCGS Library Operations committee.

Brittney Rex
Brittany Rex has lived in San Diego since 1998. She became interested in genealogy at the age of 14 when her second cousin self-published two family history books about her maternal line. Brittany is a United States Navy veteran. She earned a bachelor's degree in psychology from Mississippi College, a Juris Doctorate from California Western School of Law, and a certificate in genealogical research from Boston University. Brittany is a forensic genealogist and the founder of Forensic Investigative Services, LLC.

Jim Schultz
Jim was born and raised on a small farm in Eastern South Dakota. After earning a B.S. in Economics, he served in the Air Force as a management analyst with a Strategic Air Command Bomb Wing. Following his honorable discharge, he began a forty-year career with the US Department of Veterans' Affairs. He served in various capacities, including fourteen years in supervisory and management positions. His service included time at the Veterans Administration Central Office, Washington, D.C. It was here, in 1974, that Jim was first exposed to the National Archives and was bitten by the genealogy bug. Following three more moves, Jim arrived in Los Angeles December 1988 where he and his wife call home. Since retiring at the end of 2010, he has been able to devote more time to genealogical research and other passion projects. He assisted his wife, Susan, in establishing her eligibility for the National Society of Daughters of the American Revolution. On his mother's side, he is descended from the "Long-Hunters" Skaggs of Virginia and Kentucky, while on his father's side, he comes from hearty German stock. Now he is working to establish his eligibility for the Sons of the American Revolution and finding Susan's other Revolutionary War ancestors.

Kevin Williams
A native Californian, Kevin has served for the last 6 years as President and CFO for the Genealogy Society of Hispanic America-So Cal chapter (GSHA-SC). He has served this organization by bringing new technology to help promote benefits to their members. Kevin's interest in genealogy started over 30 years ago when he was influenced by his grandmother who kept information on her heritage. He was also fortunate that his mother wrote down her life story. When she died, Kevin found high school diaries, journals from her last 10 years and e-mail correspondence. Kevin has transcribed part of the collection onto a Blog, along with his thoughts so that future generations will be able to view and share the love generated by the two. He traces his paternal family thru New England with both accused and accuser in the Salem's witch trials, Mayflower ancestors, and back to some Kings of England and Italian nobles. His father's heritage is of Western European and of Ashkenazi lines. His mother's heritage has roots from Oklahoma and thru the South and Pennsylvania, and has Native American heritage in the Choctaw and Cherokee as well as Scotch/Irish, English & Italian. His wife's heritage is rooted deep in Mexico from Chihuahua thru Jimenez and Hidalgo del Parral, and during the colonization of Mexico by Spain thru Durango and Zacatecas. He has been a proponent of DNA research and heads a Blog/family tree web site for his extended family. He is also a businessman with his own insurance brokerage firm.