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About Us

The Nikkei Genealogical Society (NikkeiGen) promotes, encourages, and shares Nikkei genealogy through education, research, and networking. NikkeiGen’s general meetings are open to anyone interested in researching their family trees, learning more about their Japanese roots and heritage, and participating in group discussions and networking.

NikkeiGen gives members opportunities to accomplish more together--bridging generations, promoting the discovery of family history and our Nikkei (persons of Japanese ancestry) roots, and preserving our family heritage for ourselves and for future generations. NikkeiGen represents a personal and ongoing journey to discovery; remembrance; and honoring our past, present, and future generations.


Meetings occur approximately once a month from January to October, with the location alternating between the Japanese American National Museum in Los Angeles (JANM) and the Southern California Genealogical Society (SCGS) in Burbank.


The meetings are generally included with museum admission. RSVP is required.


To RSVP or for more information, email or visit our Facebook page Meetings are limited to 35 participants.

Check the SCGS Calendar or NikkeiGen Facebook page for Meetings, Events, News, and Updates
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