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International Resources
Genealogical and Ethnic Historical Societies

Investigate ship passenger lists for where your ancestors emigrated from and when and where they arrived. Passenger arrival records may provide information such as one’s nationality and birthplace; ship name and date of entry to the U.S.; age, height, eye and hair color; profession; place of last residence; name and address of relatives they are joining in the U.S.; the amount of money they are carrying, etc.

Records, documents, and photos sometimes lurk in the most unexpected places. Closely review organizations, websites, museums, and archives for listings of what is in their collections.

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Ariadne: German archive portal, Mecklenburg and Western Pomerania

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Corinthian Diaspora: Raisin crisis and migration

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Cuban Genealogy Club of Miami: Portal for Cuban family history


Deutsche Digitale Bibliothek: German digital library


Digital Archive Portal for 1922: the Asian Minor Catastrophe

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Fototeka Online: Albanian archives

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GenFair, U.K.

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GenGuide, U.K.


Genuki, U.K. and Ireland


Germans From Russia Heritage Collection, No. Dakota State University


Heraldica: Heraldry Links

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Vikelaia Library of Heraklion: Crete. Includes Turkish archives

The One You Thought You'd Never Find

This list of over 110 organizations was compiled and curated by one of our members. It took a long time to research, evaluate, and organize. Not to mention adding all those little logos for each organization. We hope this has helped you in your journey to track down your immigrant ancestors.

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