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Vote Now: Southern California Genealogical Society Board of Directors 2024

SCGS members have until December 6 to vote for seven 2024 Board of Directors candidates.

Meeting monthly, Directors:

  • Take an active role in promoting the goals and projects of SCGS.

  • Represent the will of the membership, even if that position is in conflict with the director’s opinion on the issue.

  • Attend monthly board meetings at the library or hybrid.

  • Participate actively in strategic planning, overseeing the health and direction of the society.

  • Represent the society at the request of the president.

  • Serve on at least one committee.

  • Assist the society in events, projects, and activities.

  • To operate a library facility designed to encourage the accumulation and preservation of genealogical and historical records and materials for use by persons interested in genealogical and family history research.

  • Present reports, make recommendations and vote on society policy and program issues at the board meetings.

“Casting a ballot isn't just something you do for yourself — it's for our collective future.” ---Oprah Winfrey

If you prefer to vote by mail, call (818) 843-7247 for a ballot to be mailed to you. Election results will be announced at the SCGS Annual Meeting on Dec. 9.

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