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Every Family Has a Story: Join the SCGS Writers Group

You have plans for Sunday, November 12! The SCGS Writers Group meets online from 1 to 3 p.m., and you can join via your computer, tablet, or smartphone.
Group leader Jennifer Taylor often suggests subjects or writing prompts, which help people focus on a topic when they are at a loss for ideas or to motivate when they are stuck (writer's block).
Beyond the basic facts like births, marriages, deaths, and maybe some land ownership, it can be challenging for some to write stories about family, especially if they go back a couple of generations and we never knew them. So many stories are hiding in our family trees, and someone needs to tell or document them. The SCGS Writers Group is a special interest group that encourages family historians to describe the stories of their families and ancestors.

Sunday's genealogical/memoir topics are:

  1. Write a Letter to an Ancestor

  2. Family Wanderers and Nomads

  3. Substitute Teacher Stories

  4. Patterns in a Person’s Life

  5. Describer Yourself/Ancestor in First, Second, or Third Person

  6. Insert Modern Content within a Historical Narrative

  7. Ancestral Connections to Famous People

  8. Family Nicknames

  9. Learning to Ride a Bike

  10. Write About/Resolve Contradictory Genealogical Records

  11. Inns and Hotel Stories

Do these give you ideas? Ancestral writing “Makes names into real, live people. Family stories help you and your family become more than a birth and a death date,” says author John Bond in his book, The Story of You: A Guide for Writing Your Personal Stories and Family History,

For more information, contact Jennifer at You can also use your phone. United States: +1 (408) 650-3123, Access Code: 117-550-997 New to GoToMeeting? Get ready for your first meeting:

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