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Daniel Horowitz takes us 'Around the World in 20 Billion Records' Opening Night of Jamboree '23

Updated: Sep 29, 2023

MyHeritage senior researcher Daniel Horowitz presents "Around the World in 20 Billion Records" on Friday, October 6, from 6:15 to 7:15 p.m. at the Southern California Genealogical Society's (SCGS) upcoming conference, Jamboree 2023. Daniel's enthusiasm is inspirational, and he explains MyHeritage's tools in easy-to-understand terms that give attendees a comprehensive tour of My Heritage's latest and favorite features. Israel-based MyHeritage is the world’s fastest-growing genealogy social network.

With billions of records at your disposal, where do you even begin? The MyHeritage Search Engine is a state-of-the-art tool that can help you search for information about your relatives online. Its advanced algorithms can identify spelling and phonetic variations, understand nicknames, and handle synonyms and ethnic variations. Use MyHeritage to find information about your relatives quickly.

Exploring AI Time Machine

Lately, everyone's talking about AI—artificial intelligence—sometimes with trepidation. Horowitz recently shared AI selfies that depict an older version of himself and a Vincent Van Gogh-esque creation, among others. AI Time Machine transforms you into a historical figure using everyday photos. "It has no genealogical value at all," Horowitz explained recently on Genealogy TV. "But, it is fun, and MyHeritage likes to do fun things...It has been a good tool to bring people, especially kids, into the history [associated with] of genealogy."

AI Time Machine is easy to use; it only requires you to upload between 10 and 25 photos.

Additional tools he'll explore at Jamboree '23 include cM Explainer, pedigree charts in DNA analysis, family tree color coding, and other surprises.

Since 2006, Horowitz has worked at MyHeritage, liaising with genealogy societies, bloggers, and media, lecturing, and attending conferences worldwide. He was the instructor and study guide editor of the family history project "Searching for My Roots" in Venezuela for 15 years and volunteers at the Israel Genealogy Research Association (IGRA).

Jamboree 2023 is a three-day event presented by SCGS, held online, at the organization's Research Library, 406 Irving Dr, Burbank, CA 91504, and across the street at the Burbank Masonic Lodge, 406 Irving Dr, Burbank, CA 91504. The conference will feature a weekend of presentations, discussions, and roundtables focused on genealogy.

For registration and more information, view the conference website.

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