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These one-hour webinar presentations are given twice monthly, on the first Saturday and third Wednesday of each month and are conducted by professional genealogical speakers and expert lecturers.

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Date Start time is always Pacific Time
Saturday, November 5 10:00 AM - Pacific, 11:00 AM - Mountain, 12:00 PM - Central, 1:00 PM - Eastern
Shamrocks in Cyberspace: Irish Genealogy Databases
by Michael Brophy

The volume of Irish websites has exploded in recent years. With over 70 million people worldwide claiming some Irish ancestry, the island over 4 million people have seen increased interest in travelers exploring their family history. Genealogy databases have increased dramatically in recent years to bring the Island’s rich history to life. Substantial knowledge of your Irish immigrant ancestor is...

Michael Brophy offers services and lectures through Brophy Professional Genealogy. He specializes in Irish Americans and Massachusetts records. Reviewers have found his lectures to be insightful, informative, humorous and rich in detail.
Date Start time is always Pacific Time
Wednesday, November 16 6:00 PM - Pacific, 7:00 PM - Mountain, 8:00 PM - Central, 9:00 PM - Eastern
Finding Huguenot Ancestors
by Forrest Hansen, JD

Finding Huguenot ancestors is challenging because many records have been destroyed, lost, or scattered. Many records are located in France and neighboring European countries, but locating those records often starts with researching in the United States. This lecture will provide methods for locating Huguenot ancestors and an overall history of the Huguenot migration.

Forrest Hansen, JD, is a genealogist with expertise in civil law, French genealogy, and the U.S. Constitution. He teaches at the Université of Paris and American University, is fluent in French, and regularly lectures on French genealogy and genealogical legal topics.
Date Start time is always Pacific Time
Saturday, December 3 10:00 AM - Pacific, 11:00 AM - Mountain, 12:00 PM - Central, 1:00 PM - Eastern
Two if By Sea: The Sea and the American Revolution
by Bryna O'Sullivan, APG

Whether you’re interested in knowing more about your ancestor’s past or in joining the Daughters of the American Revolution, the first stop for many is the records of the Army – yet the sea played an active role in the American Revolution. This program will discuss how to identify and access the records of the Continental and state vavies as well as the commissions of privateers.

Bryna O'Sullivan is a Middletown, CT based professional genealogist and French-to-English genealogical translator, specializing in lineage society research.
Date Start time is always Pacific Time
Wednesday, December 21 6:00 PM - Pacific, 7:00 PM - Mountain, 8:00 PM - Central, 9:00 PM - Eastern
Spies, Slackers, and Aliens: Records of the American Protective League
by Michael Strauss, AG®

Organized in Chicago, IL in 1917 that grew to more than 250,000 members. The APL was given absolute power to stop ordinary citizens in the streets checking for men for the draft, or were sympathetic to the Germans, and unregistered aliens living in the United States. Long believed to be a pseudo-patriotic group, the APL documented members and their activities at our entry into World War.

Michael L. Strauss, AG®, is a nationally recognized genealogical speaker. He has a BA in History and is a United States Coast Guard veteran. He is also a qualified expert witness in Court in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Virginia. Additionally, he is a faculty member at SLIG, GRIP, and IGHR where he coordinates the military courses.