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Job Description Skills and Interests Contact

Audio/Visual Specialist

Maintain and set up digital projectors, screens, the telephone conference speaker phone, and the microphone and speakers (PA system). Be part of a team that provides A/V set-up in support of meetings and special programs. Location: At the SCGS Library

Some A/V experience would be helpful as well as an interest in keeping up with changes in equipment. Appropriate for someone who can come to the library when needed for setups on weekends.

Book Committee Member for Southeastern States

Select appropriate books or other media for MD, VA, WV, NC, SC, GA & FL to balance the library's holdings . Meet several times a year with other committee members to propose and discuss possible acquisitions. Location: At the SCGS Library or home

Appropriate for someone with a love of books and a special interest in southeastern genealogy sources.

Computer Technician

Perform regular maintenance of our computers as well as updating software. Location: At the SCGS Library

Requires a basic understanding of computer hardware, software, and networks. The work provides an opportunity to learn more about these areas, and training can be provided.

Data-Entry for SCGS Database Development

Provide data entry in support of projects initiated by the SCGS such as The 1890 Project or the Genealogy Resources Online (GRO) database. Location: At the SCGS Library

For persons with keyboard skills. Typing must be accurate, but does not have to be fast.


Identify market segments for both one-time and continuing donations. With the help of others, design and implement fundraising plans; prepare fund-appeal letter. Location: At the SCGS Library or home

Requires excellent organizing, communicating, and social skills as well as a willingness to ask for donations and conduct events. Fundraising or marketing experience as well as writing skills are desirable.


Prepare indexes for publications and databases that have never been indexed to make these sources more useful. Some indexing projects, such as those pertaining to rare books in our library or back issues of The Searcher, are part of SCGS' database development effort; others, such as the 1940 Census Project, are cooperative undertakings shared with the wider genealogical community. Location: At the SCGS Library

Requires concentration, accuracy, legible handwriting or basic computer skills. Speed is not necessary. Training will be provided. A Windows PC is required for those projects that use special software.


Work closely with others to plan, organize and coordinate the SCGS' annual convention. Location: At the SCGS Library or home

Typically, each committee member has responsibility for at least one aspect of Jamboree. The committee members meet on a monthly basis year-around to report on progress and discuss any problems.

Alice Fairhurst
Lynn Parmenter
Diane Adamson


Serve as a volunteer for specific jobs at SCGS' three-day annual convention, which is usually held on a weekend in early June. Location: At the SCGS Library

Volunteers should contact us at the earliest possible date to find out how they can help. Volunteers who register to attend lectures will be given a chance to attend selected lectures if at all possible.

Librarian Open and close the library. Assist library patrons by answering questions, suggesting sources, and finding library materials. Handle phone calls, re-shelve books, and transact sales. Location: At the SCGS Library Appropriate for persons who are familiar with basic sources and who enjoy sharing their hobby with others. Usually two librarians work together. New librarians will be assigned to work with more experienced librarians. The job provides a chance to become better acquainted with the library's collection.

Marketing and Public Relations Publicize SCGS events, activities, and organizational information, using a variety of media directed at various times toward SCGS members, the genealogical community, and the general public. Location: At the SCGS Library or home Requires creativity, a basic understanding of various social media platforms, and both written and verbal communication skills. Computer graphics, photography, video programming, and website programming would be helpful.
Membership Records Staff Maintain member contact information and record and process new memberships and dues payments. Location: At the SCGS Library Requires basic computer skills and a willingness to work with others.

Prepare Electronic Files for Publishing Northrup Books of Spanish-Mexican Families of Early California, Vol.1 and Vol. 2 Contact print-on demand and conventional publishers to find out what input format they need to print the books. Prepare the material for the reprinting of the Northrup books. Make sure pages are in order, right side up, jpg pages converted to PDF, etc. Aggregate the electronic files of individual PDF pages into one file. (SCGS has copies of Adobe Pro to use for this project.) Get test books printed, review for quality, and order a print run to satisfy our demand.

Location: At home

Familiarity with jpg and PDF files, Adobe Pro and book publishing. Negotiating skills helpful.
for The Searcher
Join a group at the library to help proofread The Searcher four times a year. Location: At the SCGS Library Attention to detail is required as well as an eye for typos and incorrect punctuation, grammar, spelling, and dates. The job does not require editing or rewriting.

Proofreader for The 1890 Project Proofread the many databases that have been developed by SCGS volunteers. This is an important step prior to publication on our website. Location: At the SCGS Library or home Attention to detail is required as well as an eye for typos and other transcription errors.
Quantify demand for publishing of Northrup books Survey interest in Northrup books, announce intent to publish on blog, promote pre-sales, and determine how many of each volume should be printed as a first production run. Marketing, ability to effectively communicate orally and in writing.
Sales Manager or Assistant Sales Manager Manage or assist the sales operation at the library, which includes sales of SCGS publications as well T-shirts, decorative charts and other genealogy-related merchandise. The job entails ordering, labeling, pricing, taking inventory and displaying items for sale. Location: At the SCGS Library
This job would be particularly attractive to someone with a flair for marketing. The sales manager works closely with volunteer librarians, who conduct the sales transactions.

Represent the SCGS at the initial airing of Jamboree Extension Series Webinars. Location: At the SCGS Library or home The host introduces the presenter, selects and restates audience questions for the presenter, and makes a few closing remarks. Some previous experience with "Go-to-Webinar" software would be helpful, but not necessary. Training and practice sessions will be provided.
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