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Genealogy is, after all, a way to link to family members through time and space. So it is with "Family Links," a service of the SCGS website.

We are pleased to offer links to our members' websites or blogs and hope that everyone will also link back to the SCGS website from your own personal pages.

Coffin, Amy Lenertz

We Tree

Doerflinger, Elyse

Elyse's Genealogy Blog

Doerflinger, Elyse

Elyse's Channel on YouTube

Hinkel, Paula

Hinkel, Paula It Just Never Came Up
Holladay, Jay
Hotchkin, Ed

Lucero, Stanley A

MacEntee, Thomas


MacEntee, Thomas

Destination Austin Family

MacEntee, Thomas

Facebook Bootcamp

MacEntee, Thomas

Lowville Obits

MacEntee, Thomas

New York Rural Cemetery

MacEntee, Thomas

And I Helped

MacEntee, Thomas

Catskill Christmas

O'Neal, Elizabeth Swanay

Little Bytes of Life

Palmer, Cheryl Fleming

Heritage Happens

Shaw, Jennifer A

Wood, Jay C.

Ziegler, H.

Zentmyer, Gary

Zentme˙ers in America

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