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French Canadian Heritage Society logoOur Collection - We honor and promote our French heritage by funding a collection of French-Canadian genealogical materials, i.e., books, microfiche, CDs, manuscript files, as well as access to the online PRDH database. Through our fund-raising efforts, we have significantly increased the French-Canadian and Acadian holdings at the SCGS library. It is now one of the largest collections in the Western United States except for the Family History Library in Salt Lake City.

You will find highlights of our collection by going to our website and clicking on Research Collection.

Many of the French-Canadian Research Resources at the SCGS Library in Burbank

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Blue Drouin

  • Repertoire alphabetique des mariages des Canadiens francais, 1760 a 1935 : ordre masculin et feminin
  • There are 2 versions – male 49 volumes; female 64 volumes
  • Contains between 1 and 2 million marriages, mostly Québec

Microfiche cabinet

Loiselle index

  • Covers the period 1608-1972
  • Cross-indexed by bride and groom
  • Contains over 400,000 marriages taken from over 400 parishes mostly in the province of Québec, the Ottawa area of Ontario, Madawaska County in New Brunswick, Ste Anne’s in Fall River, MA and some records from Manchester, NH

Microfiche cabinet

Marriage records

  • Covers over 1,030 parishes in Québec, Ontario and other provinces.
  • In book form, covers approximately 500 other parishes in Québec Ontario, Acadia, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, and Massachusetts
  • Includes some baptismal and burial records

Microfiche cabinet

French-Canadian Families of the North Central States by Lareau and Courteau

  • Contains genealogies of many of the French-Canadians who settled in Minnesota, the Dakotas, and Wisconsin
  • 8 volumes

929.4 COLL

Bibliographie de l’histoire du Québec at du Canada by Paul Aubin and Louis Marie Coté

971.0 CAN

Bibliographie annotée d’ouvrages généalogies au Canada by K. Mennie-de Varennes
  • Annotated bibliography of genealogical works of Canada
  • 6 volumes

971.0 CAN

Dictionary of Canadian Biography

971.0 CAN

200 Family Trees from USA to Canada to France by Youville Labonte
  • Starts with the obituary of a Maine resident tracing the descendant through French-Canada back to his earliest ancestor
  • Includes a recitation of the information in the obituary
  • 76 volumes

971.0 CAN

Your Ancient Canadian Family Ties by Reginald Olivier

971.0 CAN

The “King’s Daughters” Among our Ancestors by Louise Pomeroy

971.0 CAN

Nos Origines en France des Debuts à 1825 by Normand Robert
  • Each book lists all the known ancestors who emigrated to New France from each Department in France
  • 10 volumes

971.0 CAN

Travels and Explorations of the Jesuit Missionaries in New France (Jesuit Relations)

971.0 CAN

Metis Families – Genealogical Compendium by Gail Morin

971.0 CAN

The dit Name: French-Canadian Surnames, Aliases, Adulterations, and Anglicizations by R. J. Quintin

971.0 CAN

Manitoba Scrip by Gail Morin

971.2 MAN

Our French-Canadian Ancestors by Laforest

971.4 QUE

Dictionnaire généalogique des familles du Québec des origines à 1730 by René Jetté
  • Genealogies of the families of early Québec
  • Covers the period 1621-1730
  • 2 copies

971.4 QUE

The French-Canadians 1600-1900 by N. M. Elliot
  • An Alphabetized Directory of the People, Places and Vital Dates
  • 3 Volumes
  • Contains 468,000 names taken from city and town directories, marriage records, land records, and other sources

971.4 QUE

Historical and Genealogical Atlas of Québec from Antiquity to the 20th Century by Quintin & Mendiola

971.4 QUE

Recueil de généalogies des Comtes de Beauce, Dorchester, Frontenac by Frere Eloi-Gerard

971.4 QUE

Dictionnaire National des Canadiens Français 1608-1760 by Drouin
  • 2 volumes of marriage records
  • 1 volume containing historical data, coats of arms, etc.
  • Covers the period 1608-1760

971.4 QUE

Répertoire des actes de baptême, marriage, sepulture, et des recensements du Québec ancien (PRDH)

  • Online database covering 1621-to early 19th Century
  • Contains most of the printed parish records – baptisms, marriages, burials, censuses, marriage contracts, hospital sick lists, etc.
  • Lists everyone present at the ceremony
  • 47 volumes covering 1621-1765
  • CD format covering 1621-1799

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971.4 QUE

Dictionnaire généalogique des familles Canadiennes by Mgr. Tanguay
  • Contains extensive genealogies of early Canadian families in French Canada from the beginning of the Colony
  • Covers the period 1608-1700
  • 7 volumes

971.4 QUE

Dictionnaire généalogique des familles Acadiennes by Stephen A. White

971.6 NS

Histoire et Généalogie des Acadians by B. Arsenault
  • History and Genealogy of the Acadians
  • 6 volumes

971.6 NS

Le Grand Arrangement des Acadians au Québec by Adrien Bergeron

971.6 NS

Familles Acadiennes by Leopold Lanctot

971.6 NS

Periodical collections for the following Societies:

  • American Canadian Genealogist – American Canadian Genealogical Society, Manchester, NH
  • Je Me Souviens – American-French Genealogical Society, Pawtucket, RI
  • The Canadian Maple Leaf – French-Canadian Genealogical Society of Connecticut
  • Lost in Canada


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