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Southern California Genealogical Society: Database: Los Angeles County Burial Permits 1870-1892

Los Angeles County Burial Permits 1870-1892


The information on the following pages was extracted by Southern California Genealogical Society and Family Research Library volunteers from burial permits on file at the Los Angeles County Vital Records Department, now located in Norwalk, California.

The permits cover the years 1870 through 1892 for persons who died in Los Angeles County. They were signed by Catholic priests, ministers, doctors, pastors, medical attendants, health officers or Justices of the Peace of Los Angeles County who took the information about the deceased or were in attendance when the person died.

Those listed here may not be all the permits prepared during this period of time. Some of the records were hard to read because of the handwriting and faded ink; some were in Spanish. A number of people were listed on more than one permit.

The Society would like to thank the following volunteers who worked on this project: Louise Calaway, Luella Christopher, Ann Cowley, Dick Emerson, Sally Emerson, Mildred Flick, Peggy Schulz and Beverly Truesdale.



daughter of


husband of


National Health Department of Veteran Services


son of


wife of


widow of

+ under cert. no. column

more than one person listed on the certificate

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