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These one-hour webinar presentations are given twice monthly, on the first Saturday and third Wednesday of each month and are conducted by professional genealogical speakers and expert lecturers.

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Date Start time is always Pacific Time
Saturday, October 7 10:00 AM - Pacific, 11:00 AM - Mountain, 12:00 PM - Central, 1:00 PM - Eastern
Think Like a Historian: Why Do People Do What They Do?
by Sara Gredler, MS

History is looking at the big picture. Genealogy is micro-history, looking at individual people during historic events to place them within the larger context. Why do people do the things they do? Use the records that do exist to make reasonable hypotheses about the life of an ancestor.

Sara Gredler, MS, is a genealogist and historian with 20 years of genealogical experience. She serves as the President of the Williamson County (Texas) Genealogical Society and chairs its DNA SIG.
Date Start time is always Pacific Time
Wednesday, October 18 6:00 PM - Pacific, 7:00 PM - Mountain, 8:00 PM - Central, 9:00 PM - Eastern
Family History + Health History Lead to Personalized Healthcare
by Dr. David R. Dowell, PhD (& Elizabeth Balkite)

Genealogies record family relationships. Health histories reveal causes of death, disabilities, chronic diseases, or known genetic disorders within families. How can you build an accurate family health/medical history? Should you? Can genealogists lead the way to personalized healthcare/medicine?

David Dowell, PhD., was librarian for 35 years and has two degrees in history and two in library science. He has researched family histories since the 1960s. His most recent books are NextGen Genealogy: The DNA Connection (2015) and Crash Course in Genealogy (2011). Previously he taught “Genealogy Research” and “Ethics in the Information Age” at Cuesta College and chaired the Genealogy Committee of the ALA. He blogs as “Dr. D Digs Up Ancestors” at and coordinates three DNA projects.

Beth Balkite was a certified genetic counselor for over 30 years. She is an alum of the Graduate Program in Human Genetics at Sarah Lawrence College. She worked as a genetic counselor in Connecticut at the University of Connecticut Health Center, Yale University, and Norwalk Hospital prior to joining Genzyme Genetics as manager of Clinical Genetics Services in 1993. In 1998 she was hired as Genetics Education Strategy Advisor for GlaxoSmithKline. She has continued as a genetics educator in several capacities before retiring in 2012. She has studied her own family history for years and is now one of just two genetic counselors to practice and teach genetic genealogy. She is an instructor at the Osher Life Long Learning Institute (OLLI) at Duke University in Durham, NC, where she teaches a course “Applying DNA to Your Family Tree.” In the summer of 2016 she taught a session in the Advanced Genetic Genealogy course at GRIP (Genealogy Research Institute of Pittsburgh).
Date Start time is always Pacific Time
Wednesday, October 25 6:00 PM - Pacific, 7:00 PM - Mountain, 8:00 PM - Central, 9:00 PM - Eastern
Be Your Own Digital Archivist: Preserve Your Research
by Cyndi Ingle

Are you doing everything you can to safeguard your genealogical research? Your documents? Your data? Your scanned images? We will talk about the importance of taking charge of your own materials and making sure they aren't going to disappear.

Cyndi Ingle, a genealogist for more than 36 years, is the creator of Cyndi’s List and author of three books for genealogical research on the Internet.
Date Start time is always Pacific Time
Saturday, November 4 10:00 AM - Pacific, 11:00 AM - Mountain, 12:00 PM - Central, 1:00 PM - Eastern
We're Here in America, Now What?
by Jennifer Alford, PE, PTOE

Your immigrant ancestors came to America with their hopes and little money. While some families arrived with relatives or friends that had already settled in the area, many were facing a world that was quite foreign to them. Learn about organizations that guided them to a job, residence, and more.

Jennifer Alford, is a Professional Engineer and genealogy professional, specializing in the Midwest and Jewish ancestry. She is publisher of The In-Depth Genealogist’s magazine, Going In-Depth.
Date Start time is always Pacific Time
Wednesday, November 15 6:00 PM - Pacific, 7:00 PM - Mountain, 8:00 PM - Central, 9:00 PM - Eastern
Ancestral Hunting Grounds: Doing On-Site Research
by Jean Wilcox Hibben, PhD, MA

It’s more than a vacation; it’s more than a family reunion: It’s a hunting trip! And the game? Your ancestors’ home, place of business, tombstone, records, and more. But it’s more than jumping in the car or on a plane: it takes planning and preparation. Learn how to hunt successfully.

National speaker & writer Jean Wilcox Hibben-PhD, MA, CGsm serves on a number of boards for genealogy groups, including the So. Cal. Chapter of APG, Genealogical Speakers Guild, Int’l Society of Family History Writers & Editors, and the Corona Genealogical Society.
Date Start time is always Pacific Time
Saturday, December 2 10:00 AM - Pacific, 11:00 AM - Mountain, 12:00 PM - Central, 1:00 PM - Eastern
Your Mom's mtDNA
by Diahan Southard

The mtDNA test is among the more expensive of DNA testing options and most find the results confusing and inconclusive. Is this test worth your time and money?

15 years of experience in the genetic genealogy industry has qualified Diahan Southard to instruct all levels of interest. You will leave enlightened and motivated as she is upbeat and full of energy.
Date Start time is always Pacific Time
Wednesday, December 20 6:00 PM - Pacific, 7:00 PM - Mountain, 8:00 PM - Central, 9:00 PM - Eastern
100 Days to a Better Family History
by Tammy Hepps

Attend this class for one hour and leave with a plan for your next hundred days of family history activities! Starting with a self-assessment of research progress to date, this class will help attendees prioritize research activities, pace work, and set deadlines.

Technologist, storyteller, & life-long genealogist. Founder of, winner of RootsTech developer challenge.