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SCGS PROJECTS - 2011 GENEii Contest Winners

2011 GENEii Family History Writers Contest Winners

By Pam Wiedenbeck, SCGS, FCHSC
Coordinator, GENEii Family History Writing Contest

Congratulations go to all of the 2011 winners!

Some of these winners have honed their craft by participating in the SCGS Writers Group ably led by Jean Snow. Some have also attended the Writers Conference that preceeds Jamboree.

Category 1: submissions from 1,000 to 2,000 words
1st Place -- Douglas Fricke: Halfway Round the World ($200)
2nd Place -- Emily Pritchard Cary: Crossing the Borders ($100)
3rd Place -- Willie Wilburn Walker: The Blue Moon Cafe & A Walk in the Southern Mountains ($50)
Finalist -- Judy R. Cook: Aunt Pearl, "We Did It"
Finalist -- Diane Altona: What Made Jacob Tick & Who is Elizabeth Douglas?
Honorable Mention -- Lynda Wilson Barlow: Mrs. Butterfield's Canteloupe Patch
Honorable Mention -- Nancy Walters Lauer: Ella's Letter

Category 2: submissions under 1,000 words
First Place -- Raymonde Motil: New Year's Day 1919 & The Funeral ($100)
Second Place -- Pauline Abbott: The Parting of the Ways & Divine Interventions ($50)
Third Place -- Denise Spurlock: The Watchmaker ($25)
Finalist -- Tara McClellan McAndrew: Civil War Soldiers' Christmases
Honorable Mention -- Mary E. Nelson: The Telephone

Meet the 2011 GENEii Judges

The 2011 GENEii Family History Writers Contest just concluded. The winners and first place entries are featured in this issue of The Searcher. The remaining entries will appear in the following three issues of The Searcher. What we often forget is the dedication of the judges who must read and evaluate every entry. Our two talented writers and judges from 2010, Sherrie Holmes and Susan Stroh returned to judge this year's contest.

Sherrie Holmes is the CEO, Proprietor, and just about everything else for the Washington-based Holmes Editorial Services. (

Sherrie says, "Writing has always been my first love, and with it comes a desire to help others with their writing projects, be they college papers, spreadsheets, novels, poetry, business letters, promo pieces, business cards, brochures, company newsletters, etc. I have a high degree of integrity and confidentiality, and a deep sense of responsibility, tempered by an unrepentant and slightly scary sense of humor. What more could you ask for in an editor except perhaps a pleasing personality and a huge smile--and I have those, too!"

Susan Stroh works out of La Crescenta, CA. Susan assists writers with almost every facet of their writing career. She actively writes, teaches and coaches. (

"From the stages of New York City to the pages of Life Magazine, Susan spent her youth flourishing as a dancer/actor. During and after college, she enjoyed a stint as a professional actor, and then moved to Southern California, to pursue her passion of movie-making as a script supervisor, director and writer. During this time, Susan wrote her award-winning screenplay, Cloudberries, and went on to garner the following awards:

  • Carl Sautter Memorial Screenwriting Award-one of the top four prize-winning screenplays
  • Writer's Digest Short Story Award-main stream genre
  • Homberg Award for best commercial of San Diego
  • Editor's Choice Award for poetry

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