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SCGS PROJECTS - 2009 GENEii Contest Winners

2009 GENEii Family History Writers Contest Winners

by Jean Chapman Snow, Contest Coordinator
GENEii Family History Writing Contest

We are pleased to announce the winners of the 2009 GENEii Family History Writers Contest. The GENEii contest for 2009, as in previous years, received many varied and wonderful tales of both family history and memoir. Some were scholarly, some delightfully amusing, others very touching.

Our congratulations to all entrants!

The winners of Category 1 are:
First Prize: M.T. Hoyer of Davis CA for "Returning to the Breath,"
2nd Prize: M. Kay Nanian of Novi, MI for "The Pasha",
3rd Prize: Carol Meetze Enos of Orange, CA for "The Hessian."

Finalist -- Katharine Garstka of Huntsville, AL.
Honorable Mention -- Carol Meetze Enos of Orange, CA.
Honorable Mention -- Mary E Nelson of Garden Grove, CA.

The Category 2 winners are:
First Prize: Sarah Burns Atkins of Lilburn, GA for "The Kitchen Windows of My Childhood,"
2nd Prize: Deborah Large Fox of Cherry Hill, NJ for "A Fearless Parade,
3rd Prize: Janelle Richardson of Morro Bay, CA for "I Went to France to Fight".

Three contestants won Honorable Mention:
Judy Lewin of St. Louis, MO, Katie Corbett of Palmdale, CA, and Judith S. Cole of Bethany, CT

Finalist was Mat Zucker of New York, NY.

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