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SCGS PROJECTS - 2008 GENEii Contest Winners

2008 GENEii Family History Writers Contest Winners

By Jean Chapman Snow, Contest Coordinator
GENEii Family History Writing Contest

We are pleased to announce the winners of the 2008 GENEii Family History Writers Contest.

And the envelopes, please ...

Category 1 - Family or Local History Articles, 1000 - 2000 words in length

1st Place: Terry Gregory, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada  "Two Tea Bags"
2nd Prize: Judy R. Cook, Lomita, CA   "Depression and War"
3rd Prize: Catherine Telford, Jacksonville, FL "Whatever Happened to Good, Clean Fun?"
Honorable Mention: David Robinson, Pittsburgh, PA "Stafford's"
Honorable Mention: Meada Ouzounian, Villa Park, CA "The Visitor"

Gale T. Boyd, Mapleton, UT "A Brush with War"
Diana Altona, San Diego, CA "A Triumph of the Art of Making Do"
Diana Altona, San Diego, CA "Visiting Gramma and Grampa"

Category 2 - Family or Local History Articles - 1000 words or less

1st Prize: Brenda Nakamoto, Davis, CA "Searching for Grandfather"
2nd Prize: Patricia Darharsh, Pinellas Park, FL "Big Blue Eyes"
3rd Prize: Diana Altona, San Diego, CA "A Sinking Feeling"
Honorable Mention: Lindsay Wray, Fayetteville, NC "A Simple Lesson for the Ride Home"
Honorable Mention: Diane Diaz, Whittier, CA "Rich Red Chile Roots"
Honorable Mention:Joyce Laird, Arleta, CA "Our Happy Place"
Honorable Mention: Linda Hultin Winn, Winchester, TN "Daddy's Legacy"

Finalists:Cindy Lapole Drage, Syracuse, NY "A U.S. Marine"
Nancy Waters Lauer, Ellicott City, MD "Taverns and Roads"


Following are other notable submissions to the 2008 GENEii Writers Contest.


Austin, Dolores - Why He Left His Country
Cary, Emily Pritchard - The Tordella Heritage
Copeland, Bonnie - Isaly’s
Clarke, Anne - Influenza Epidemic 1918 – A Soldier’s Story
Dardashti, Schelly Talalay - Sephardi genealogy comes of age
Dardashti, Schelly Talalay - When oral history meets genetics,
Dardashti, Schelly Talalay - Unlocking tales of family treasure
Harris, Phyllis - The Great Depression to WW II
Laird, Joyce - Lions, Tigers and Bears...Oh My!
Lauer, Nancy Waters - Gold
Lauer, Nancy Waters - Rush to Poverty, The Winfield Scott Oler Story
McClenahan, James R. - Feudin’ ‘N’ Fussin’
Miller, J.P. - Understanding the Gray Area of My Life
Missouri, Linda Lacey - How They Met: A Timeless Tale Inspired by a Clock
Nelson, Mary - My Mother the Driver
Nixon, Kathy - The Garnet Brooch
Roybal, Dale Karen - Growing Up a World War II War Orphan
Salter, Kelly “Lily” - Hustle Baby Hustle
Taylor, Donald - The Mysterious Uncle Clarence
White, Willis H. - The Broken List
Yonan, Mary Allison - Little Sam and Big Sam
Yonan Mary Allison -The Quest for My Allison Roots


Barlow, Linda - My First San Diego Summer
Barlow, Linda - Desert Interlude
Copeland, Bonnie - God’s Little Angel
Hoffman, Debra - Bricks & Mortality
Nelson, Mary - Christmas Remembered
Nichols, Nancy E. - Farm Chores
Nixon, Kathy - Continuum

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