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SCGS PROJECTS - 2005 GENEii Contest Winners

2005 GENEii Family History Writers Contest Winners

By Beth Maltbie Uyehara, Contest Coordinator
GENEii Family History Writing Contest

 SCGS is pleased to announce the award winners, honorable mentions, and finalists in its 2005 Family History Writing Contest, now officially known as the GENEii (sm) Awards.

The contest keeps growing year by year: The number of entries in 2005 topped 2004’s record, and the judges’ scoring in ’05 was the highest we’ve seen across the board. You will notice some multiple honorees this year, including Emily Pritchard Cary, who won first place in Category 1 and honorable mentions in Categories 2 and 3. (It’s our first trifecta!)

Because the scores were so high, we felt it necessary to add a fourth place award to both Category 1 and Category 3.

Our congratulations and thanks go to all our contestants for sharing their stories with us. We hope all our entrants will continue putting their family- and local-history stories in writing, and encouraging other family historians to do the same! These family stories are the most important “documents” we can leave to future generations.

Category 1: Unpublished family or local-history articles of 1,000-2,000 words
1st Place

Emily Pritchard Cary, Scottsdale, Arizona
“The Pittsburgh Press”

2nd Place

Erica Olsen, San Francisco, California
“A Street in Stavanger”

3rd Place

Lisa A. Melone, South Berwick, Maine
“Mia Nonna La Contadina”

4th Place - Tie

Dick Lutz, Murrieta, California
“Odyssey to Opportunity”

Linda D. Menicucci, Paradise, California
“Coming of Age in 1968”

Honorable Mentions

Zena Grant, Hertfordshire, England, UK
“As He Was a Gentleman”

Tami Lorbecke, Claremore, Oklahoma
“Dear Diary”

Bill Luther, Valinda, California
“1954 and the Great Move”

Diane McElwain, Harpursville, New York
“Hedivka’s Story”

Lucile I. McKenzie, Eugene, Oregon
”Mill Camp”

Alta Nelson, Carlsbad, California
“The Tale of Two Child Wanderers”

Faye Schreder, Sartell, Minnesota
“A Letter to Hank”

Sara Thompson, Louisville, Kentucky
“A Yankee Belle Tells It Straight”

Cathy Wilson, Helper, Utah
“Veiled Grace”


Diane Altona, San Diego, California
“Thanks for the Memories”

Staci Barsness, Issaquah, Washington
“The Wedding Photo”

Cynthia Brian, Moraga, California
“Twenty-two Inches in Rose-Colored Glasses”

Sandra Carpenter, Oceanside, California
“Food for Thought”

Mary Ann Gove, Cottonwood, Arizona
“Sheep Dip Cookies”

Diana M. Hawkins, Suwanee, Georgia
“My First Place Ride: A Memoir”

Terence Jenkins, London, England, UK
“My Unknown Grandfather”

Joyce A. Laird, Arleta, California
“Weekend Memories 1952”

Marilyn Ludwig, Murrieta, California
“Remembering Those Learning Years”

Maria B. Murad, Apple Valley, Minnesota
“Dickey: A Memoir of My Father”

Mary Nelson, Garden Grove, California
“November 1944”

D. Nickson, Cheshire, England, UK
“Family History, 1939-1945”

Vernon L. Singleton, Davis, California
“Hard Times Can Be Favorable”

Stella Ward Whitlock, Fayetteville, No. Carolina
“Daddy Didn’t Whistle Anymore”

Category 2: Previously published family- or local-history articles of 1,000-2,000 words
1st Place
Harvey Kurzfield, Cornwall, England, UK
“My Grandparents”
2nd Place
Anne L. Harvey, Derbyshire, England, UK
“Hot Air Balloons and Bedwarmers”
3rd Place
Char McCargo Bah, Stafford, Virginia
“My Brown German Cousin”
Honorable Mentions

Sandra Carpenter, Oceanside, California
“Can or Can Not”

Emily Pritchard Cary, Scottsdale, Arizona
Duet: Melodrama in Three-Quarter Time”

Mary Ann Gove, Cottonwood, Arizona
“Frying Eggs on the Sidewalk”


Lynette Harris Denton, Fort Smith, Arkansas
“Stop This Car! I Want to Get Married”

Myrna Beth Lambert, Buffalo Grove, Illinois
“The Donkey Club: Memories of a Precinct Captain’s Daughter”

Category 3: Published or unpublished family- or local-history articles of fewer than 1,000 words.
1st Place
Linda D. Menicucci, Paradise, California
2nd Place - Tie

Diana Altona, San Diego, California
“Grandpa, We Hardley Knew Ye”

Lucile McKenzie, Eugene, Oregon
“Allie, Ira, and Will”

3rd Place
Bonnie Copeland, Costa Mesa, California
“Shopping With Grandma”
4th Place
Monica Mukherji, London, England, UK
“A Lucky Break”
Honorable Mentions

Emily Pritchard Cary, Scottsdale, Arizona
“Grandmother Stuart”

Anne Clarke, Christchurch, New Zealand
“Wartime Christmas in New Zealand”

Merlene Hill, Downey, California
“The Legal Dilemma”

Lisa Brahin Weinblatt, Wayside, New Jersey
“Grandmother’s Tales Spotlight Rabbi Who Saved Treasure From the Old Country”

Stella Ward Whitlock, Fayetteville, No. Carolina
“Grandpa’s Gift of Love”


Catherine Bentley, Ontario, Canada
“A Winter Morning in Ancoats, Early 1930s”

Cynthia Brian, Moraga, California
“ ‘No!’ Is Not the Right Answer”

Mary Nelson, Garden Grove, California
“On Being an Only Child”

Vesta Siemers, Las Cruces, New Mexico
“Uncle Fred”

Elinos Alton Whitlock, Fayetteville, No. Carolina
“The Buggy Whip”

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