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From New York to Michigan: The Genealogy of Jacob and Michael Van Wagoner, Jr. 1823-1984

Every-name Index

In keeping with the altruistic philosophy of the author, Philo Woodrow Van Wagoner, fourth Great Grandson of Michael, Sr., this every-name index has been placed online to contribute to the genealogical research of others.  The family genealogy (hardbound volume) is available for purchase from the Southern California Genealogical Society through the online shopping cart, and lookups can be requested through our research team.

To search the index (requires Adobe Reader), use the page guides below, or use the search function in the upper left corner of the webpage.

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Aaby, Leslie A Andrews, Brian 583
Andrews, Julie Ann Banta, William 584
Banta, William Hollister Bemis, Mary Belle 585
Benedict, Eric Blackburn, L.D. 586
Bliss, Cyrus Bubel, Laverne Samuel 587
Bubel, Linda Lanore Carley, Joseph 588
Carlin, Michael Childs, Sue Ellen 589
Church, Irene Craft, Mary Suzanne 590
Craft, Morrill Decker, Jeffrey Charles 591
Decker, Joel Stephen Ellis, Gussie 592
Ellsworth, Mr. Flinn/Flynn, Hazel 593
Flinn/Flynn, James Girodat, Charles 594
Girodat, Elizabeth Hallman, Lori Marie 595
Hallsted, Marian Gee Hattig, Herman Jr. 596
Hattig, Herman Hoover, Robert Jay 597
Hoover, Stacey Lynn Hyde, Alice 598
Hyder, Brian Keith Kambly, Arnold H. 599
Kambly, Paul Kuhl, Genevieve May 600
Kuhl, Janene Lynn Lockrey, Loretha 601
Longnecker, Jerry Mc Brier, Robert 602
Mc Carrick, Gerald Eugene Mitchell, Marion 603
Mitchell, William Moshier, Lewis James 604
Moshier, Linda Alice Ostrom, Gordon Stanley Jr. 605
Ostrom, Gordon Stanley Sr. Pierce, Jennifer Lynn 606
Pierce, Karen Ann Quinsey, Mr. 607
Rahn, Myrtle M Robinson, Louis 608
Robinson, Marjorie (Jaeger) Sanders, John M 609
Sanders, Lydia May Scott, Stuart R. 610
Seaman, Hazel Smith, Julia E. 611
Smith, Julia Harriet Stark, Milton James 612
Stark, Robert B. Stocum, Fernetta 613
Stocum, Floyd L Tallman, William 614
Tanal, Neal Travis, Hiram 615
Travis, Louise/Luella Valera, Helen 616
Valkoun, Edward Van Waggener, Albert E 617
Van Waggener, Cora Van Wagner, Essie 618
Van Wagner, Essie E Van Wagoner, Alvil Oscar 619
Van Wagoner, Alvin J Van Wagoner, Clinton Robert 620
Van Wagoner, Clyde Lee Van Wagoner, Evert 621
Van Wagoner, Fanny A Van Wagoner, Hugh Michael 622
Van Wagoner, Ida A Van Wagoner, Juliann 623
Van Wagoner, Julie Van Wagoner, Mary Elizabeth 624
Van Wagoner, Mary Ellen Van Wagoner, Phyleetus Ward Sr. 625
Van Wagoner, Polly Van Wagoner, Victoria Lee 626
Van Wagoner, Viola Warner, Harry 627
Warner, Marylyn Claudia Ann William, Albert 628
Williams, Chester Zucal, Karen 629


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