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Some of the entries on the list carry the notation "Ponet." In the early 1870s, Victor Ponet was the city undertaker and coffin manufacturer. According to an advertisement in “Homes in Los Angeles City and County (1873), Belgian native Ponet was also a dealer in picture-moulding and pictures, offering frames made to order. He was also agent for the Florence sewing machine with offices at 66 Main street, Los Angeles.

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Causes of Death

Causes of death were prepared with the assistance of Archaic Medical Terms – A Resource for Genealogists and historians.

Private/Public Cemetery

As discussed in the history of the cemetery, the Los Angeles City Cemetery was sometimes mentioned as one cemetery with private sections, and at other times as separate cemeteries. The journal had separate listings for “private ground” and for “public ground.” Whenever the information was provided, we have listed whether the burial occurred in the public area of the cemetery, or in one of the privately owned areas. It is obvious that not all of the private areas were held by groups such as the Masons, Improved Order of Redmen, I.O.O.F., or (Societe Francaise). Several of the entries in the private cemetery appeared to be for family plots.

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