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VolunteersJamboree is more fun when you set aside a couple of hours to help. You know you want to be there, so take the next step and be part of the fun.

Volunteer now. No experience is necessary; we’ll train you for the job. Some jobs take brains, some take brawn, and others just take a willing smile, an interest in people and a volunteer’s heart.

Jane VanTour will be leading the volunteer army and she will be getting in touch with volunteers as Jamboree draws near.

Complete our volunteer questionnaire to let us know that you're available and the learn about the volunteer positions that are available.

If you have questions about volunteering, email jamboreevolunteer@scgsgenealogy.com and Jane will get back in touch.

Volunteers who work at least four (4) hours on site at Jamboree will receive a $5 food coupon as a token of appreciation. Volunteers can earn one coupon per day.

Volunteers are welcome on the exhibit floor without registering. Those who do not want to attend Jamboree classes or participate in Jamboree activities can volunteer without paying any registration fees. This is perfect for those who are working in booths but do not plan to attend classes.

What types of volunteers do we need?

Registration Check-in: Greet attendees. Distribute registration packets, Pink Sheets, and name badges. Distribute printed syllabus to those who have tickets. Break open boxes. Friendly, cheerful, unflappable. Casual business attire.

Hospitality: Greet people and direct them to the appropriate registration line (pre-register or walk-in). Distribute and collect registration forms from walk-in registrants waiting in line. Give directions to lecture rooms, rest rooms, etc. Collect Jamboree evaluation forms.

Room Monitor: badge checks/take tickets, distribute / collect evaluation forms, estimate attendance at each session, photograph speakers and audience shots, and do room maintenance (straighten chairs, etc.). Notify Venue Manager immediately of any audio-visual, speaker, unsafe crowding, any problematic issues. We need at one monitor for each session and multiple monitors for large sessions.

NOTE: Volunteering as a monitor is a great way to be assured of a seat at even the most popular session. Check the lecture schedule and pick the two or three sessions that are most important for you to attend. Volunteer to be room monitor for those sessions, and Jane will do her best to assign you to the lecture your choice. It's the best way to be assured of a seat in a very popular class.

Ancestry.com Scanning: Ancestry.com has asked for volunteers to help organize the people who want to have their documents and photos digitized.

Tech Zone: Set up / maintain equipment, assist patrons with use of databases, keep time used by patrons, troubleshoot access. Assure security of equipment. Knowledge of online databases preferable but not mandatory.

Data entry: Enter results of evaluation forms. Inform coordinators of serious issues.

We also need volunteers for:

SCGS Sales Table: Handles money. Runs cash register. Assists patrons with purchases. Maintains sales table. Sells speakers' books, SCGS items, raffle tickets, memberships.  Volunteers for the SCGS Sales Table should contact Jan Jennings at jantj@sbcglobal.net.

Genealogy World Round-table Discussions. Host one of the discussion groups at Genealogy World on Friday, June 8. You need not be a expert and you don't need to ~present~ any information. You just need to keep the conversation flowing. Contact Denise Spurlock at jamboreevolunteer@scgsgenealogy.com.

Registration Bag Stuffers - Show up at the SCGS Library on Saturday, June 1, at 10am for the annual assembly chaos of stuffing the registration bags. It's a great way to get to meet other volunteers and to get a sneak peek at Jamboree. It kicks off Jamboree Week in a rousing, fun, free-pizza-for-all, kind of way.

Jamboree - Wanted: Research Assistance Consultants - Do you have some expertise that might help someone break through a brick wall? If so, please consider signing up as a consultant in the Research Assistance room at Jamboree. The Research Assistance activity is sponsored by the Southern Calif. Chapter of the Association of Professional Genealogists.

NOTE: you need not be certified, accredited, be a member of APG, or any other specific organization to assist people - just a desire to help is all that is required. To do this, simply go to the home page of the sponsoring group (www.sccapg.org) and sign up in one or more of the available slots.

Once you, as an assistant/consultant, have signed up, a spot for the person needing your help will open up. Consultant slots are listed in half-hour increments but we ask that you limit your consulting time to 20-25 minutes in order for people to move out and in.

As a consultant, you will also receive prior notice of the people who have signed up for your slots so, if you choose, you may contact them in advance (this is completely up to you, however). Thank you for donating your time. Who knows, you may end up with a client or two from the experience. Questions/concerns: Jean Wilcox Hibben, SCCAPG president, jean@circlemending.org


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