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7:00 a.m. to 8:30 a.m. SU001 - David Allen Lambert - "Using American Ancestors Website for Military Research." This president will explain the databases and external databases online from NEHGS available to research veterans from the 17th to 20th century. Sources for post military life of the veteran will also be discussed. Sponsored by New England Historic Genealogical Society. Additional fee required.

SU002 - Dan Poffenberger AG - Scholarship Breakfast: "The Much, Extremely, Incredibly Lighter Side of Family History: Funny Names and Other Fascinating Finds from Years of Research." This is not a lecture per se but more of a comedic look at actual parish register, census and other genealogical records to demonstrate the humorous, interesting and, at times, almost painful aspects of our ancestor's lives. The actual records are shown and 95% date from the 19th century and before. My collection of funny names (Thankful Poop) and curious entries (did the bicycle really chase and kick his rider while he was down?). Might even be educational in more ways than one! Additional fee required.
8:30 a.m. to 9:30 a.m. SU003 - Cyndi Ingle Howells - "A Guided Tour of Cyndi's List." This begins with a brief history of Cyndi's List, followed by an overview of how to navigate the newly updated site and how to tell when the site is updated. Learn how to effectively use this valuable resource tool to as your jumping-off point onto the Internet.

SU004 - Paula Stuart-Warren, CG - "Seeking Your Comfort Zone as You Approach Different Repositories." Your research comfort zone may be the historical society, genealogical library, university library, or government archive where you regularly research, or it may be sitting at home working online. The time comes when you should venture out to other record repositories. This session deals with making these visits part familiar and comfortable. My experience with repositories all across the United States is the basis for this lecture. It is possible to enter a repository that is new to you with confidence and make the most of your time there. The repository you plan to visit may be in a distant city or may be in the place where you reside. It is amazing how many genealogists tremble at the thought of venturing beyond that comfort zone library even when the “new” place is just minutes from home. The presentation, syllabus material, and visuals emphasize that effectively preparing to visit a different research repository can pay off genealogically, even if you never actually make the leap to an on-site visit.

SU005 - Crista Cowan - "Searching and Understanding California Content Collections on Ancestry.com." Have a long line of California family history? Learn how to search and utilize the California content collection available on Ancestry.com. We will explore census, voter lists, military records, newspapers, and many other collections specific to your California Ancestors. Sponsored by Ancestry.com.

SU006 - Bruce Buzbee - "Personal Historian 2: New Tools to Write Your Life." Personal Historian 2 is the latest version of the unique software to organize, write, and publish personal histories for yourself and other individuals. The included library of timelines and memory triggers give color and context to your writing. You can even add documents, journals, photographs, and genealogy to give it a personal touch. Sponsored by RootsMagic.

SU007 - Video Feed - Video Feed of A Guided Tour of Cyndi's List.

SU008 - Thomas MacEntee - "Successful Cluster and Collateral Searches." Learn why researching those in-laws, “shirt-tail cousins” and others who may not be a direct-line ancestor as well as “friends, neighbors and associates” can help you break down your genealogy research brick walls.

SU009 - Leland Meitzler - "Alternative Resources for Lost and Destroyed Public Records." If the records you need were destroyed or otherwise lost, how can you find records that might help you prove ancestral ties anyway? Detailed and discussed will be alternate public records, private records, institutional records, surname and manuscript collections, as well as online books, periodical and indexes.

SU010 - Kathy Warburton - "Records of the Poor in England." Many of us have ancestors who were considered poor or paupers. Records of the poor of England, created by church and government institutions, can reveal fascinating details about the lives of your ancestors.
10:00 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. SU011 - Jean Wilcox Hibben, PhD, CG - "Elisabeth: The Story of a German Immigrant." In 1864, Elisabeth left Germany and her five children. Learn why she left and what happened when she got to America at the end of the Civil War. This first-person narrative is followed by an explanation of how the information was located.

SU012 - Paula Stuart-Warren, CG - "What Next? Developing Research Plans." From the analysis of known information to the creation of research goals for finding the elusive answers, your research success ratio is improved with careful planning and use of proven techniques. Taking and dissecting raw data so that a beneficial detailed research plan evolves is easier than you might think. What do you do next with those documents, letters, family stories, and other items you found or were sent by your aunt and second cousin Mary? Failure to make a research plan runs the risk of overlooking important clues in the records we already have and repeating the same research. This session includes “hands-on” exercises. A research plan is truly not a daunting task.

SU013 - Dave Obee - "Lost in Canada?" Access to records varies by province. This session will quickly guide you to the top sites for research, and serves as a guide to CanGenealogy.com, the best selection of Canadian links.

SU014 - Arlene H. Eakle, PhD, FUGA - "Want Land, Will Travel: Land the Property Records in the Southern US - State by State." Property records make up the most consistent, most reliable, most provable record category of all for the South. Your ancestors emigrated, migrated, and moved around to acquire land.

SU015 - Richard Humphrey - "Creating a Custom Photo-History Book." Extracting content by query and analysis of a 1936 journal and short BW film. Step-by-step demonstration with PowerPoint to construct page images for printing with online services - Shutterfly, etc.

SU016 - Video Feed - Video Feed of Scanning and Photo Retouching for Beginners: Foundations and Fundamentals

SU017 - Tom Underhill - "Scanning and Photo Retouching for Beginners: Foundations and Fundamentals." Don’t let a weak foundation ruin every photo you scan and retouch. This class covers what all other one-hour photo retouching classes gloss over in ten minutes. You will learn what numbers matter when looking at scanners and scanning basics including bit depths, color spaces (CMYK, RGB and Grayscale) and optimal scanning resolutions. We will explore the impact of file types on images and debunk the Great JPG Myth. Improve all your digital imaging with this strong foundation.

SU018 - John Schmal - "Indigenous Mexico: Historical Perspectives." The beginning of 'Indigenous Mexico: Historical Perspectives' provides an overview of Mexico's incredibly diverse indigenous groups, both past and present. The discussion then focuses on the native groups that inhabited Central and Northern Mexico. Some of the major wars are discussed, as well as the process of assimilation that took place over the first 100 years of the Spanish contact.

SU019 - Denise Levenick - "Paper or Plastic? Preserving Keepsakes Workshop." Bring your questions to this hands-on workshop and learn best practices for preserving your family keepsakes. Try out storage options; select the best containers for your artifacts; hands-on practice making archival enclosures.
1:00 p.m. to 2:00 p.m. SU020 - James Ryan, PhD - "Strange and Unusual Sources for Irish Family History." A light-hearted but useful look at some of the strange and unusual sources which have proven useful for Irish family history. It will be fully illustrated with examples.

SU021 - Michael Provard - "FamilySearch.org and the New Patron Experience." FamilySearch has a completely new look and feel. Simplified access to all the great resources, new features such as the Family Tree, Photos and Stories, and an Interactive Fan Chart, and much more are ready for you to explore. Sponsored by FamilySearch.

SU022 - D. Joshua Taylor, MA, MLS - "Records and Migrations: The Second Great Awakening and Your Ancestors." During the first half of the 19th century, from upstate New York and into the Midwest, the Second Great Awakening led thousands to find new religious beliefs. Uncover the records and migration trails left behind during this period of explosive growth in church membership and its impact on your ancestors.

SU023 - Pamela Weisberger - "Chutes & Ladders: Approaches to Genealogy." Game on genealogists! This interactive lecture will offer innovative techniques, unusual databases and surprising strategies to help you complete your ancestral jigsaw puzzle. Everybody wins!

SU024 - Daniel Horowitz - "MyHeritage: Enhanced Smart Matches and Social Networking Technologies: Facilitating Collaboration." Enhanced SmartMatches takes the already implemented collaboration between members inside MyHeritage.com many steps forward, giving users the power of better matches management and community communication. Sponsored by MyHeritage.

SU025 - Lisa A. Alzo MFA - "The Write Stuff: Using Nonfiction Writing Techniques to Write a Better Family History." As genealogists we often focus on facts and uncover so much information that our research produces nothing but boring lists. But do you really know what happened between the dashes of your ancestors’ lives? How can you share that information in a compelling and interesting way? This session will discuss how to using nonfiction writing techniques to produce a “can’t put down” family history that will keep the pages turning for generations.

SU026 - By Popular Demand Session. We have heard the requests for repeated sessions. If needed, this slot is reserved for "by popular demand" of a session that exceeded capacity earlier in the weekend. No guarantee can be made whether any particular presentation can be repeated due to a speaker's availability. Announcement will be made at Jamboree.

SU027 - Dan Poffenberger AG - "'Aye, it's a well known fact Sonny Jim': Getting the most out of Scotland's People.gov.uk" - ScotlandsPeople.gov.uk is, with FamilySearch, one of the two most valuable resources for Scottish research on the internet. It has changed the face of Scottish research by bringing together over 50 million records in to one location. It is a government website managed by the General Register Office of Scotland. There are a number of other excellent sites and current projects that are making Scottish research easier.

SU028 - Timothy Pinnick - "And the Church said Amen!" African American Religious Research. Locating information on African American congregations can be frustrating due to the lack of effective record keeping. However there are a variety of records that can help you overcome the lack of record preservation at the local level.
2:30 p.m. to 3:30 p.m. SU029 - Denise Levenick - "Lessons from the Archive." Inheriting family heirlooms can be confusing. What should you save? throw away? donate? Practical suggestions for anyone who has become the “keeper of the stuff” gleaned from the experience of working with dozens of family collections.

SU030 - Kevin Christiansen - "Family Tree Maker for Mac." Do you have questions about how to use a Mac to better do genealogy? Come and learn how to use Ancestry.com and other Mac related resources to enhance your family history research. Sponsored by Ancestry.com.

SU031- Tammy Hepps. "Telling Your Family Story the Treelines Way." DEMO

SU032 - By Popular Demand Session. We have heard the requests for repeated sessions. If needed, this slot is reserved for "by popular demand" of a session that exceeded capacity earlier in the weekend. No guarantee can be made whether any particular presentation can be repeated due to a speaker's availability. Announcement will be made at Jamboree.

SU033 - Geoff Rasmussen - "Use Legacy Family Tree to Create Shareable CDs, Books, Charts and More." Learn how to easily share your family tree with beautiful CDs, books, charts, and even bookmarks. Sponsored by Legacy Family Tree.

SU034 - Dan Poffenberger AG -"' Marriages, Murders and Munchkins: Grandma Poff's Legacy of Love and Family History." As a teaser, my grandmother's father had 3 marriages and her mother had 4. There's death, murder, crime and a connection to the Wizard of Oz. She was an orphan at the age of 13 and also my genealogical mentor. The accuracy of the story is shown in a PowerPoint with vital records, census records, court records, newspapers, dozens of family pictures and more. This presentation shows how genealogy can connect generations.

SU035 - By Popular Demand Session. We have heard the requests for repeated sessions. If needed, this slot is reserved for "by popular demand" of a session that exceeded capacity earlier in the weekend. No guarantee can be made whether any particular presentation can be repeated due to a speaker's availability. Announcement will be made at Jamboree.

SU036 - Janet Hovorka - "Let's Get This Party Started: Family History Conferences for the Whole Family." Throw out your ideas of what a family history conference is and come look outside the box. Everyone is interested in their family history if it is presented right. Let’s rethink and grow the market.

SU037 - D. Joshua Taylor, MA, MLS - "Future Family Historians: Engaging Younger Generations." The future of family history depends largely upon encouraging younger generations to participate. Learn how to leverage technology tools (such as Facebook, Twitter, and blogging) and traditional methods to develop and foster interest among future family historians.


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